American Made Corporate Gifts

Perfect Presents for Clients and Colleagues

Hawke + Axel Glass 

Hawke+Axel Glass is an American made glass company based in Corning, NY.  Former Steuben artisans, they collaborated  to produce unique and uncompromised designs to the luxury market. 


SeaBags are recycled Sails made on Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine, The line can be customized with a company logo, image and text. The Totes are perfect as welcome gifts for your President's or Chairman's Club Trip!

Chelsea Clock

Founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock Company is one of the oldest, and largest clock manufacturers in the United States.


Vermont Table Campany

The Vermont Table Company designs beautiful Cherry Tables inlaid with locally sourced stones.

CHART Metalworks

CHART metalworks is the creation of a long time sailor, with a nautical Maine background. One day in 2006, surrounded by scrolls of nautical charts in her home, Charlotte Guptill was inspired to incorporate the medium into her designs.

Soundview Millworks


Soundview Millworks has long been making great maple and mahogany steak boards, appetizer boards, and serving boards. They can be customized with a logo or image. Handles include Cleats, Golf Clubs, Whales, and Horse Bits to name a few.


Laughing Moon Chocolates


“We cook all our centers in a small copper kettle using the freshest local ingredients available. Generations-old recipes are utilized and improved upon to create buttercream, caramel, fudge, buttercrunch and truffles.”


Kings Row Coffee

Chef Shelton pioneered a Bordeaux-inspired blending method using only the world’s best beans, through which he  crafted a line of the most flavorful coffee blends, suited for a king and crafted for you.

McLaughlin Glazeware

Mary McLaughlin is the creator of this exquisite collection of painted enamel boxes. Her meticulous artistry stands firmly in the tradition of excellence established by artisans centuries before her.


Panama Hats

Panama Hats by Gustavo make a fun interactive gift for your Incentive Trip! Gustavo will travel to you and fit everyone with a beautiful handmade hat!