Panama Hats by Gustavo make a fun interactive gift for your Incentive Trip! Gustavo will travel to you and fit everyone with a beautiful handmade hat!

Maintenance of a Panama Hat:

  • Do not Pinch the front of the hat. Your hat should always be held by the brim of the hat.

  • Always pack your hat with clothes around and clothes inside to protect the shape of the hat.

  • It is a Sun hat not a Rain hat, so do not get it wet. If you get it wet or misshaped you can steam it back to shape. Let it dry and you can starch it to make it stiffer.

Gustavo will come to your event and fit your group with a Panama Hat! Pricing averages $75 per hat. Gustavos personality makes this a great interactive gift! 

To learn more about the Panama Hats,  please contact:

Karen Zaretzky at